April Jackson’s Journey

April Eleanor Rose Jackson was born on the 24th October 2015, weighing a tiny 2lb 5oz. Our tiny bundle of joy arrived 10 weeks early, when Mammy (Lisa) was rushed into hospital with pre-eclampsia.

April Jackson - born 10 weeks early

April Jackson – born 10 weeks early

Our world was turned upside down as we discovered what it was like to have a premature baby.  Living on a knife edge day to day in the Neo-natal unit, worrying contantly, feeling numb, not being able to pick your baby up and feeling totally out of control.

April was a tough cookie and pulled through – she is our miracle baby.

While we were in hospital we decided to keep a blog of everything that was happening to us.  We were inundated with messages of support, though it was not always easy to update everyone.  We were also mentally and physically drained and when you have everyone texting asking how you are every day it is not always possible to find the energy to reply.  The April’s Journey blog was a way to tell people all the technical details about what was happening every day – leaving them free to send well wishes, gossip, jokes and other frivolities that will made us smile on darker days.

The blog has since progressed and we post regularly with photos of April and updates about her progress, life as a parent in general and all the fun that goes with having a baby (and a premature baby at that)

We hope you enjoy reading our blog and hearing about April’s journey through life.  We hope that what we have experienced helps others going through similar situations and can provide comfort, advice and a few smiles along the way

Phil & Lisa with April 30th October

Lisa & Phil Jackson x