How to have a newborn & run a business…


Play time for April

Since her trip to hospital last week, April has been a little gem.  She has been in such a good mood since her bowel movements have improved.  She isn’t struggling, or crying in pain when she hasn’t been for a few days.  She’s nice and regular and a happy little bunny.


I also feel like I’m getting into my stride with the baby/business balancing act (she says).  I’ve set myself a bit more of a routine around when April’s two lovely Nana’s are off work.  I don’t know what I’d do without them.  Just being able to sit at my desk and concentrate for a few hours makes such a difference.  Although I now have to be the most super efficient super human to ensure I get everything done (and remember everything with baby brain!)

I made a discovery this week.  I decided to buy a baby wrap and it’s given me a new lease of life.  I first tried it out at the weekend when cleaning.  I was able to crack on and do some jobs while April slept away.  However, not convinced I had it on right as she moved down so much her head was hanging out of the arm hole at one point.  Don’t get me wrong I couldn’t do everything, but at least I’ll be able to do odds and sods of jobs.

So, on Tuesday I had a day with no ‘Nana’ help and I really needed to do some emails.  April was settling down, so I decided to pop her in my wrap and try and do some work. She slept in her little pouch for a good hour and half – snuggled up closely to Mammy without a care in the world.  I am not sure how long it will last and I’m sure she’ll be wriggling round too much before I know it, but it works for now.  I even managed to cook a curry the other night while she was tucked up before Daddy got home from work.

This week I have really noticed a difference in April.  I’m not sure if it’s because she isn’t in pain anymore with her poorly belly or just because she is developing, but her smiling is getting more frequent.  She is now more reactive and really smiles at you and giggles when you talk to her.  It melts my heart.  After so long it is so nice finally seeing those little things starting to happen as she grows and becomes more interactive.  I can’t wait to see what she does next!


Here we go again…


4 months old!

All weekend April had been a bit grouchy.  I usual routine sees her have a bottle about 6pm, followed by a little soak in the tub, wrap up and ready for bed.  However Friday/Sat/Sunday nights she was having non of it.  She just didn’t want to settle down for the night and go to sleep.  She was fine in the night, but evening time would not chill out.  We didn’t think too much about it and just that she just have been hungry, so we decided to ‘up’ her formula a bit.

Then yesterday she was one very grouchy baby.  She slept OK in the night, but was out of her usual routine; wanting feeding at 1am, then 5am and then again 7am.  She was screeching like she was hungry, but then wouldn’t take her bottle – well only about 60-80ml or so.

All morning she wouldn’t let me do anything.  Getting ready was a juggling act between holding baby and doing make-up one handed, whilst trying to get dressed.  She just kept screaming.  I didn’t think too much of it, just that she was hungry again, so I fed her at 10.30am.  I had it pop out and once I fed her and put her in her car seat, she was OK.  I thought she must have been full and she was happily sleeping.


Diane & Zara with April

I had my old friend Diane and God Daughter Zara over in the afternoon, which was lovely for a catch up, but whilst I was feeding April again I noticed she had gone blue. It only lasted about 5 seconds or so and she seemed OK, but it was very odd.

Later in the afternoon I managed to get into my office to do some work, but I’d only sent 3 emails when there was some screeching from the living room.  My Mam, who was looking after her was struggling to console her again like how she had been in the morning.  She seemed to be getting worse, so I decided to call the doctor as I just had a gut feeling something wasn’t right.  When I told the receptionist what had happened she said to go to the out of hours surgery.  We had to wait an hour, but by the time the doctor saw April she was inconsolable.  He checked her all over, but was concerned that she had turned blue and didn’t want to take any chances with her being premature.  He range Carlisle Hospital and we were told to go there to see the pediatricians on the children’s ward.


Consoling April

I just looked at Phil and thought ‘here we go again’.  We jumped in the car and headed right up to the hospital.  I sat in the back with her to try and keep her calm; luckily the motion of the car seems to settle her.

We were shown into a room as soon as we arrived as they were waiting for the ‘sixteen weeker’.  We were seen really quickly by two doctors.  April only poos about twice a week, so they decided she must be so bungled up, and that she strained so hard that she went blue.  They decided to give her a suppository and wait to see what happened.  They thought it would be about 20 minutes, but it took about 40 minutes for the suppository to take effect.  Oh and boy did we know it – the sounds and the smells that came from that tiny bottom, but the look of relief on her face afterwards!


Waiting for a poop!

The doctor checked her passages and was happy that everything was formed properly.  He thinks the formula she is on (Nutri prem gold 2 for premature babies) is so rich, it would be the equivalent of an adult eating a big pile of burgers each meal, so no wonder she was a bit bungled up.

We had been giving her 2.5ml Lactolose twice a day, but the doctor said it doesn’t really do much and wanted us to give her 15ml once in the evening.  Luckily as she pooed and they were happy that was the problem they let us go home.  The relief!  I did not fancy spending another night in hospital so soon!


Happy Bunny

Today she has been lovely.  She was happy just kicking away when I got ready this morning and just gurgled to herself…however throughout the day she has had 3, yes 3, poos!  Instead of being black/green clarity poos, they are more like the poos she had when she was on breast milk.  She continues to pump loads as well and all I can smell is Lactolose!  Hopefully this will keep her regular, but not turn into the opposite!


Visitors from Geneva today!



Another day another dollar


Tired Mammy & baby

Work has stepped up a gear now and I’ve got an A4 page full of lists of to dos.  It was really daunting at first thinking about doing work again, but when I set my mind to it and gets lots ticked off it feels good.  I know that in a few weeks time, once I’m in a routine it’ll get easier.  At the moment trying to think about everything that I need to do, whilst juggling a baby, running a home on an average of 5 hours sleep a night is tricky.  I’m sure it will get easier (well that is what I keep telling myself).  Yesterday I found myself sitting at my desk, sending out a last minute press release whilst bouncing April on my knee.  I’m sure I will get the best of both worlds – being known as ‘Lisa’ as well as Mammy, keeping the money coming in, whilst spending lots of quality time with my little girl.

April is doing great.  She’s started on colic drops this week and it seems to have taken the edge off her crying…touch wood.  When she came out of hospital she was so placid and hardly ever cried, but she has certainly found her lungs now!  She is still pretty much in a hospital routine, feeding every 4 hours, but on Tuesday night she missed her 2am feed.  I felt positively refreshed when she woke me up at 5am having that bit extra sleep…although I did fall asleep in front of the TV at 8pm!


Eve helping out

On Saturday we took her on her first shopping trip to the Metro Centre as both her and Eve had a few gift vouchers to spend.  She was an angel and slept most of the time.  It was only in Next when it was packed with pushchairs, very hot and she started crying.  Luckily Eve is a little gem and pushed the pram whilst I carried April and we managed to get to the till and out of the shop!

Talking about being hot…I’m constantly hot since I’ve been taking blood pressure medication.  The doctor is slowly weaning me off one type of medication.  Since the last change two weeks ago, but blood pressure has been consistently low (for me) it was 113/65 the other day – a bit different to 184/110!  The drug I’ll be on for life, my doctor said it prevents heart disease and will increase my life expectancy by about 8 years, so I’m not worried about taking medication if it means it can prevent me being poorly.


In good hands

I had a visit from my friend Emma yesterday.  Emma is a midwife and one of my closest friends – she was there for me when I was in hospital and explained to me what was going on…whilst telling me what to ask the doctors.  I think she knew April was coming before I did really.  Since April has been feeding we’ve struggled with bottles for her as she dribbles everywhere.  We’ve tried 3 bottles types and umpteen teats.  We have to change her after every feed and it’s always messy.  Anyway, one of the first things Emma said was that April was tounge tied.  This means the little bit of skin under her tounge is really short, which can cause problems feeding – and it’s probably the reason she found it difficult to latch on when I was breast feeding.  It was also really good to talk to someone who deals with poorly ladies and babies for a living.  I didn’t have to explain what happened and I could talk about things I’ve not told anyone else, about worries I have and to reassurance that all the emotions and feelings I have are normal.  It was like therapy talking to her.


My fashionista

April is now in size 1 nappies.  She has been in micro nappies since hospital.  Phil and I stocked up on nappies before she was born, however we’ve only just started using them as we didn’t think we’d have such a tiny baby.  She has also just gone into newborn clothes.  Her tiny baby and premature clothes are just a tiny bit tight now.  I love trying all her little outfits on now though and dressing her like a proper little girl.  It’s also lovely being able to make sure of all the lovely presents people bought us, rather than her wearing just baby vests all the time!



Busy busy busy


Rocking Ted Baker

Crikey – I don’t know where the past week or so has gone (well the past 4 months really!)  I started doing work again (not that I really want to), but as I own my own business I don’t get maternity leave/pay, so still need to pay the bills.  I always thought running my business would work really well when I had children…young children perhaps, but not a baby.  Luckily I have an amazing Mam and Mother-in-law who have been coming over, so I can grab a few hours here and there.

Not quite sure what I did this week, but I managed to schedule a meeting almost every day.  By the time I’d done Mummy duty, got myself ready, gone to a meeting and perhaps do a little bit of work if I’m lucky it was the end of the day before I know it and ready for bed.


Fun & games with Mammy

People ask if I hate leaving April, but I don’t find it difficult – I had to leave her every day for 2 months when she was in hospital…now that was hard.  Now I know she is having fun and being showered with love by Nana Carol or Nana Linda.  However, one day this week I did get pangs of guilt for leaving her.  I couldn’t wait to get back.  I guess it is going to be a juggling act being a Mummy and running a business.  I’m hoping I’ll get into a routine and I’ll be able to get the best of both worlds (i.e able to pay the bills and spend time with my baby girl)

We went our first food shopping trip together this week too.  Usually I wait until the weekend and leave April with Phil, but I thought I need to find a way of doing it on my own.  You can put the car seat on the trolley, but crikey it was like driving a bloomin’ tank.  I couldn’t see where I was going.  However, April was an Angel today and slept the whole time, so I could get the shopping done without worrying about her.


April’s wheels

April was weighed again on Wednesday.  She has been very grouchy this week and crying loads.  I’ve not been able to pout her down without her screaming…not easy when trying to get a shower/get dressed/make breakfast/write emails.  I called the Health Visitor for some advice, so she popped round.  April certainly is not having trouble feeding as she is now 8lb 12oz.  She is still feeding every 3-4 hours, though has started sleeping a little longer at night.  I’m not getting my hopes up, but many 4 month old babies will start sleeping through – who knows she might be heading that way.  For now I’ll have to cope on 5 hours sleep at night!


Daddy rocking april to sleep

We thought for a while April was constipated as she gets a lot of tummy ache, however after lots of lactolose I’ve come to the conclusion she isn’t very regular.  I think she may have a tough of colic.  We’ve got some new drops, so we’ll see if that works.  Generally she is OK through the night, but I can’t get anything done in the day for her crying.  She even had tears rolling down her little cheeks the other day when I was trying to draw up her medicines.

We have lots of nice visitors coming next week, so hopefully it will be a bit more chilled out!