A fair few firsts


My new beaker

I’ve said it before, but it seems like nothing happens for ages and then it’s like everything happens at once.  It was the same in hospital.  You’d wait for days and nothing much would happen and then loads all in one go.  I don’t know if this is just babies in general, but again it feels like April makes lots of progress, but in lots of bursts.

It seems like the past week we’ve had a lot of firsts.  The first of which was her first night away from home.  We had a night away in a hotel in Saturday in Leeds.  Phil was doing the Leeds Triathlon (he did very well btw) on the Sunday, so all four of us would head down on the Saturday afternoon to stay over.  It took me ages to pack.  Now I had been eased into packing for a child going on holiday with Eve in the past, but a baby is a whole other ball game.  Gone are the days of how many pairs of shoes will I need and what outfit to wear, to how many bottles will I need, how many nappies will she use and where can I get a travel cot!  Phil recently got a new car and thank god, because it was chocca and I’m not sure it would have all fit in the old boot!


Look at me Mammy!

The journey wears pretty smooth and April just slept or talked to herself (phew) and we’d timed feeds pretty well, so she didn’t need feeding until tea time.  That leads me to the next first…she sat in a proper High Chair for the first time in a restaurant.  She looked as pleased as punch bless her, although she looked tiny in it!  Feeding time went pretty well.  There was another couple and a baby in the restaurant who was playing up a bit.  We did the ‘We know how you feel’ smiles…I felt their pain with a screaming baby.  They didn’t stay long.  I was feeling pretty smug; April was pretty quiet and eating her tea really well.  Well, smug until she decided to puke everywhere…and all over me too!  Now, this wasn’t a wetherspoons type restaurant, but a 4* hotel.  I was mortified and apologised profusely to the waitress.  The staff were so lovely and helped us out, but I was even more mortified when the maintenance man turned up with his hazard signs and spill kit – he may as well got out a gas mask too.


Chillin out

We quickly ate our tea and retreated – me smelling of sick with stains down my top and jeans (thank god I packed 2 pairs of jeans!). Back to the safety of our hotel room, it was time for April to go to bed…for the first time in her travel cot!  I thought I was in for a rough night as the cot didn’t look particularly comfortable, but she was fine and slept right through, waking up at normal time (well 6am).

Phil had to leave pretty early to get ready for the Tri, so that left me and the girls.  Now I know I am 36 and a grown up, but sometimes you think ‘Christ how did I get so old to be responsible for a child and baby without a grown up around’ – Lisa and the children on their own in the big city.  Breakfast went well (no puking episodes…and differnt staff phew!).  Packing up was fun.  Eve and I were like the chuckle brothers trying to dismantle the cot and get ourselves, a pram with baby, 2 bags and the cot down the lift to reception.  Once we had sorted the bags out, it was time to find Daddy…and the next challenge.  Trying to manoeuvre round city streets faced with throngs of people, closed roads and not a clue where you’re going was a challenge.  However after about an hour (for a 10 minute walk) we eventually found a spot in time to see Phil running towards the finish line.


Eve & April in bed

Trying to find him after the race was another challenge and again after an hour we found him…it was time to head home.  Getting out of Leeds (with all the closed roads) took longer than expected, so we needed to stop off at the services for feed time for April.  Weirdly in the services we saw the junior doctor who had been looking after me in Carlisle hospital before April was born.  It was the first time she had seen April, so it was lovely to see her.  I offered to drive the rest of the way (I’ve still not tested out our new wheels), but I was zonko and fast asleep after that!  I enjoyed our trip away, but crikey it was tiring!



I got my first tooth

So, this week we’ve had even more firsts.  April got her first tooth!  I often just have a little feel around her gums when she’s trying to eat my hand and there it was just poking through the skin.  This was on Monday…and then today the other bottom one is starting to poke through as well!  I’m hoping it is a sign of things to come, but we’ve not had sleepless nights, rashes, diahorea or anything else…just two little tooty pegs showing through.

Then, on Tuesday we went swimming again and April went under water for the first time.  I wasn’t sure if we were going to do it, but I talked to another new mum who hadn’t done it before and when the time came she said “I’ll do it if you do” so after 3 I blew on her face (so she held her breath) and under she went.  She was a little shocked at first and cried, but once the water was off her face she was fine.  Poor baby Isla screamed and screamed.  I’m not sure her Mum will be doing it again!

April has been rolling on to her side for a few weeks now, but this week she rolled all the way over on to her front.  She gets a bit stuck after that and after about 5 minutes of being on her front and trying to figure out how to get back she lets out a scream and you know it’s time to roll her back over again.

And finally, April has really found her voice this week and instead of her usual sounds of ‘ahhhhhhh’ this week she has said rarararra and dadadadadad and babababababa for the first time.  This makes me really smile as these are the first sounds she is meant to say at this stage in her development, so it’s such a joy to hear her saying these sounds…even if it is dada before mama 😉


3 thoughts on “A fair few firsts

  1. Never knew you had hearing problems? Michael had glue ear. Glad April’s ok. She looks such a happy baby. Love sharing in your updates and pictures. Many thanks. Love Glenda xx


    • Thanks very much Glenda. Yeah I’ve always had problems…apparently I’ve got small ear canals, so they get bunged up with wax and I need them syringing quite a bit. Luckily April seems not to have that problem 🙂


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