We have a walker!



1 day old Vs 15 months old

Yes, that’s right – April is WALKING!  April is 15 months old, but really would only be 12 and a half months old, which is pretty good for a baby to walk.


Watch her here – I managed to capture it!

I googled it like you do and it said…

Most babies take their first steps by their first birthday. By the time they’re 15 months old, most toddlers are walking unaided, though often with uneven steps (babycentre). 

So, I think that’s pretty darn good!  A baby born so premature to be walking already.  I say walking, but I mean she’s taken her first 5 or 6 steps without holding on – it’s not like she’s chasing me around the house yet (or should that be the other way round!!)  Many of the other babies we know of a similar age are walking and some have been for ages, but when you think of it in her term dates, she’s spot on!

It’s sometimes hard thinking of the ‘what age would she be’ when you’re trying to work out her milestones and it can get confusing.  Through the whole journey, I’ve learnt not to sweat it (well not the little things anyway).  I count my blessings that our little miracle can even walk! I read on an online group the other day about one baby born premature, 32 weeks in fact and he’d only just started walking with the aid of a frame age 2.

I just try to encourage her now, but I’m sure she’ll be off before we know it!



Cheeky grins

At 15 months April is really getting a little character.  She is so cheeky and pulls the cutest grin when people smile at her.  She loves attention and laughing with people.  She has also discovered books and loves us reading to her – anything with noises or flaps she can lift up.  She is into everything and you have to watch her all the time.  I feel like a broken record saying ‘no, no, no’ constantly.  however, you generally only need to tell her a couple of times and she will stop…or throw a paddy!


I’m not sure what this paddy thing is all about – it’s come out of nowhere.  One minute she’s fine, the next if you tell her not to do something she starts crying and throws herself on the floor.  I tend to ignore her and walk off.  The soon stops her!  I hope this is just a phase!!!!!!!



Sleeping beauty

Talking of phases – the sleep.  You just can’t judge what she is going to do next.  We’ve gone through months of her going to bed well, then usually waking up 3-4am as her dummy has fallen out, or she is upside down in her cot.  Then for a week or so it was amazing – she was sleeping from 7pm to 7am.  I didn’t know what to do with myself…all this sleep.  I started not being able to get to sleep at night as I had not had a broken sleep and almost had too much sleep.  You forget how good it feels.  I was a bit hyper and so much energy.  However, it’s not lasted long.  She always goes down really well, but we’re back to waking in the night..and worse of all waking up at 5am and screaming!!!!  Sometimes I can get her back to sleep, but generally, she’s up at 5.45am.  ON the plus side she is now having 2 good naps in the day – that was nnon-existentbefore!  I am hoping this is a short phase and she goes back into the 12 hour shift – it was bliss while it lasted!




She’s gonna be trouble!



Flashbacks and drugs


April’s first photo

I was planning on writing a blog this evening – the football is on the TV.  However, I did not think I’d be writing it after howling at the TV after an episode of Corrie.  If you don’t watch it, tonight one of the main character’s Michelle, lost her baby at 23 weeks.  If you do watch it, you will know why I ended up in floods of tears!

It is things like this that just trigger something inside me.  It brings all those raw memories flooding back.  I was lucky that I was 5 weeks further on when I ended up going into hospital.  However, in the scenes there were Neonatal doctors and similar equipment on standby for the baby.  The baby was delivered and after a while was given to Michelle.  It was so tiny; just like April.

Anything to do with pregnancy sets me off – christ I was crying in the cinema when I went to watch Bridget Jones’ baby last year!  I even cried at the Royale Family over Christmas when Denise brought her new baby home to see Nana.  I don’t think that will ever change and Phil will always just need to be on standby with a box of tissues and a shoulder to cry on!

The feelings and emotions you have as a pregant woman  is so intense anyway, but throw in the trauma of a premature birth and they just escalate!  I think I am getting better, but the lastings affect it has on you mentally is sometimes quite hard to cope with.


Smiles all round!

On a brighter note – I AM NOW DRUG FREE!!!  After 14 months of being on medication (20 months if you include the time I was actually preganant) I have officially been signed off by the doctor and am no longer required to take medication for my blood pressure.  This is a massive step for me.  It feels really good not to have to be worrying about my blood pressure anymore.  The doctor said I don’t have to be checked for another 5 years.

This is also good news for my purse as it was going to be bloody expensive paying for medication on prescription now that my maternity exemption is about to run out – good timing dear doctor!



April’s second first Christmas


Christmas Eve

We’ve just celebrated April’s second Christmas; however last year was such a whirlwind it felt more like this Christmas was her first.  Last year Christmas was cancelled – we faced it in hospital and I just couldn’t think about anything else apart from April.  Then when we were sent home early everything was such a rush.  I imagine anyone who has a baby near Christmas feels the same, but perhaps has a bit more time to prepare.

Anyway, Christmas was lovely and April was utterly spoilt, not only by Santa, but doting grandparents and family.  I was a little worried when the Christmas tree went up, but she was quite unimpressed by it.  She sat in wonder looking at the lights and had a little play with a bauble, but that was it.  She also didn’t really ‘get’ presents and wasn’t too excited about opening them…not even playing with wrapping paper, or boxes.  All in all quite a chilled out baby through it all – made my life a bit easier!


My poorly baby

April was a bit poorly between Christmas and New Year and we had a bit of a scare.  We’d had a nice day with friends at a local visitor attraction and April was fine all day, though didn’t eat her lunch.  She slept all the way home and when we got back wouldn’t let me put her down.  She screamed her head off, so I just sat on the sofa and cuddled her.  Later on when she was awake Phil called me from the kitchen as April had been sick all over the living room floor – very unlike her!  She’s not a sickly baby.  She was also really hot.  About half an later I checked her and she had a rash all over her face and a temperature.  I called the doctor and they advised me to take her to hospital.

It was a cold night, so wrapped her up and off I set.  I couldn’t help feeling sick to the stomach; I couldn’t face hospital again,  What if there was something serious and she had to stay.  I guess when there is a raging rash you just worry.  She was so lethargic and clingy.  She she was being examined she just sat there and let them; not bothered at all – which is totally unlike her.  She usually wriggles everywhere!  Upon examination the doctor found she had tonsilitis.  We could go home yey!  I was so relieved – I was preparing myself for a long night.


Catching up on sleep

It was actually a long night.  Once I got April settled, I popped to a neighbours for drinks.  I was a bit on edge, but it was the only night I’d really got out over Christmas, so I needed it.  However, after 2 hours sleep when I got back April woke…and would not go back to sleep.  She was sooooooo clingy; I’ve never known anything like it.  She must have been in such pain bless her.  This continued for 3 or 4 days- I was shattered.  Luckily Phil was off work and let me have a lie in.  I’m not sure I’d have coped otherwise.  April is now on the mend and we’re sleeping through again (yey)

Generally April is just growing into a gorgeous little girl.  She is developing really well.  There are certain things, where I think she may be a little behind, but I don’t let it bother me.  Her crawling has developed into side walking and moving along furniture and she has been taking steps, being guided and held up.  I don’t think it’ll be long she takes her first steps unaided.


Reading with my big sister

Her eating is coming along – she still feeds a little like a bird, but is getting more used to feeding herself.  Still drinking out of a bottle though – I”m trying to get her to drink out of a cup, but she really doesn’t like it.  I’d rather give her a bottle with handles if it means she’ll drink rather than have nothing to drink all day.  I’ll keep trying though.

She has a new found love of books as well and really enjoys sitting on your knee and looking at a book – particularly a pop up book or one that makes noises.  playing with her toys I’ve noticed she has started thinking about things and is getting good at working out how to stack things or pull things apart.  Talking wise, she’s still not saying much.  She has lots of conversations with herself, babbling away and still says mama/dada etc.  She tends to try and copy sounds you make, but no properly formed words as yet.

img_3368She is a very cheeky little monkey as well and has a habit of pulling this cheeky grin and showing off her teeth.  She is also really good at giving kisses (wet sloppy ones) and cuddles.  We have many battles trying to change her nappy or get her dressed and it can be hard work; but then she flashes a cheeky grin and it melts your heart!