Hospital checks



April at 15 months old

So, last week we had another check with the consultant.  April has check ups every 4 months to look at her progress and development.  The appointments have become easier the further along we’ve got.  I think we know what to expect now and generally, there are no big surprises.


We saw a different consultant this time, who was lovely. He really engaged with April and she interacted really well with him.  It was like she knew she had to perform for him and showed off walking round the consulting room.  She generally holds on when she’s walking, but she walked right to him.  her walking is getting stronger every day – she just needs a bit more confidence and she’ll be off.

The doctor was really impressed with her progress and thinks she is coming along really well.  He was slightly concerned about her breathing, which seems to be a bit of an ongoing problem.  It also seems to be a problem for many premature babies generally.  Her bowel is always a topic of conversation as well, though she seems to be getting a bit better at pooping!



April being weighed

She was also weighed on a big girl’s chair instead of the usual scales.  She now weighs 21lbs (1 stone 7 lbs) and in the 50th centile.  She looked so pleased when she was weighed in the chair.  She is still in 9-12 month clothes as well; so still quite petite, but she is gradually getting bigger.


Once April is 2 we will no longer need to have check-ups, unless something happens in the meantime.  We keep our fingers crossed, but I’m sure there won’t be any problems.  I think one of the biggest problems I have is the lasting impact of everything, still now.  Last week I started talking about it all again and how it affected me and I just burst out crying.  I am so proud of April and she’s done amazing, but that awful feeling and lasting impact of what happened never goes away.

April is starting to cuddle more, which is just lovely and helps me forget about all the bad things.  She is not a baby anymore and turning into a little girl.  Her hair is growing, she is a lot more active and into everything.  She loves eating (particularly custard and bread), though still refuses to drink from a sippy type cup.  I’ve actually given up as she wasn’t drinking anything and I figure it’s better for her to drink from a bottle than nothing at all!



Inquisitive April

Her sleeping is great at the moment, generally sleeping from 7 pm to 6.30am.  She;s also sleeping more in the day now than when she was tiny…and if she doesn’t we know about it.  She is a feisty little madam, who easily throws a tantrum if you take something off her, or stop her from doing something.  I just ignore or distract her and it seems to work.  She has a cheeky personality though and I often have those moments where I am trying to instil some discipline, but want to laugh at the same time!


April brings me so much joy and I feel I’m in the stage now where I am a more confident Mammy, able to run a business and feel like I know what I am doing…well until the next phase begins I guess!


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