Saturday 21st November – 4 weeks today

4 weeks old

4 weeks old

Well, I can’t quite believe that 4 weeks ago our gorgeous little April came into the world. The time has gone so quick, yet each day seems to go so slow as well. i just hope the next few weeks feel like they go quickly as well, as I really can’t wait for her to get home!

We had a nice day today as Phil was at the hospital all day with me. In Middlesbrough we were both at the hospital most of the time, but now we’re back home Phil has to be back at work…until April comes home. Each day seems like Groundhog Day, but today it was so nice having Phil with me to break the day up.  It was also nice to have my expressing partner back with me to set things up while I get ready.

April knows who her daddy is

She knows her Daddy! 

April definitely knows us both and is so alert and reactive towards us. As soon as she hears us her eyelids start flickering, and when her eyes are open she looks at us and follows our movements.

I got a tear in my eye today as it was the first time April had properly sucked when I put her to the breast.  She is developing so well and her sucking reflex has developed so quickly…it won’t be long before until I can do a proper feed with her.  In the meantime my milk production is back to full force.  I almost have 2 freezer drawers full of milk waiting for her.  I think production decreased last week as I felt stressed and anxious coming back to Carlisle hospital and the changes that came with it.  Feels like I’m back in the swing of things.

Look how small she is...and this is after she's grown!

Look how small she is! 

April is still doing wonderfully well, considering what we’ve been through.  She is a tough little cookie. Her oxygen was right down and she was just on air (breathing for herself) for part of the day, so that was lovely to see.  She is now also on 36ml of milk at 3 hourly feeds…and managing to tolerate it without being sick.

Every day we take a step closer to getting home. It is a long road, but each little step is very important in her progress.